Monday, August 29, 2005

if you should ever leave me, then life would still go on believe me

today's story:
i woke up tired but forced myself up to take the mom out for errands. during the trip, i heard from tennessee-stranded zee. watched a bit of tv after lunch and then struck from tiredness, i slept for almost 3 hours. zee called from her new apt. i was still full from lunch and waited for my parents to finish dinner before heading off to look for basketball shorts with pockets. stopped by coldstone's for some cookie minster, a new like from my ice cream social with jeffrey. talked to jess and further researched the next step. just did my ab workout and here i am.

reactions, sentiments, speculations:
* when i awoke from my nap and saw that it was 6, i totally thought that it was 6 in the morning! i was discombobulated for some time, ask zee!
* i felt happy all day because of yesterday.
* i need to catch up on lost sleep.

The world could show nothing to me, so what good would living do me?


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