Tuesday, August 02, 2005

when the whole world fits inside of your arms, don't really need to pay attention to the alarm

the formula to uyen's happiness:

good food + jack johnson playing + openness + love = happiness

i'll keep y'all posted on how successful that formula is.

in other news, i had a fun time white water rafting (sorry, zee) two weekends ago. i started a part-time job tutoring spanish 1 last week. i'm going to keep interning at girls inc and pray that they offer me a position. ive been looking into grad schools for when i go back one day. ive been cleaning my room and trying to get rid of all my "stuff," along with changing it around a bit (took down my caraciature, put up my "parisian kiss" poster, added a table). i hung out with pili trying to find somewhere to eat! i will go jet skiing soooon, i hope. i cant stop listening to "in between dreams" by jack johnson.

to do:
  • watch "wedding crashers" with amy
  • go to lacma to see king tut exhibit?
  • go jet skiing with zee and others
  • read "charlie and the chocolate factory"
  • keep cleaning out my room
  • watch "march of the penguins" with...
  • finish watching "bourne identity"

    and know that if i knew all of the answers, i would not hold them from you, no


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