Saturday, August 13, 2005

listen to all the translations of all the stories across the sky

im here in the bay area with my mother visiting my brother at his new beautiful apartment in oakland. with the daffodil yellow walls and numerous windows pouring sunshine through, i always feel quite mellow here.

so far...

  • we settled ourselves in on thursday night, with a caramel sundae.
  • we had breakfast at "the coffee mill"
  • we went to chinatown to buy groceries and to farmer's market for flowers
  • i matted my graduation pictures with my brother
  • we cooked a feast for my brother and his friends
  • we ate the feast with the brother, his gf, and his friends

    we will...

  • go to golden gate park today
  • eat at phnom penh restaurant tonight
  • fly kites at the berkeley marina sunday

    i had a dream that...
  • donik was sad and sharing her troubles with her friends

    i hope...

  • my headache leaves for good
  • i drink more water
  • i figure out what my next step will be
  • i will get to celebrate my anni

    there's no combination of words i could put on the back of a postcard.


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