Friday, January 24, 2003

it was a beautiful night
the air was sweet and
a feeling of simplicity
hung in the evening

simple smiles
simple embraces
simple silly faces
simple memories

i wanted to freeze
the satisfaction of
sugary decadence
and morsels of
take a picture of
the feeling of
that danced in
front of my ears

but what i found were
scales tipped over and
lost in the waves of
the starlight
that was meant to
guide me back to
a safe haven

where am i now?
gone without any direction
left with little but a shield
flailing in the darkness of
the sweet and simple
night of deliverance

Thursday, January 02, 2003

i feel really tired. i miss the hearts that i knew so well.

would you rather be the "sprung" or the "sprung for"?

would you rather surround yourself with people who are completely different from you, exactly like you, or kinda-in-between it all?

why is that the people you are sooo comfortable around are not companionship material? why is it that there always exist a tinge of discomfort?

are you sure it is winter? does not seem like it. i think i am in hawaii. who needs a trip there?

Smile! A frown may turn others away.

haha. marketers cannot mess with me. i will not buy. especially if i do not want. haha. as far as magazines are concerned.

yep. no more first-hand clothes for 2003. hahah. less conspicuous over consumption. hahha.

funny how you can see people you used to be tight with but have no desire to talk to them whatsoever. what is left to share? will they even want to try to bring you back into their life? why bother?

stop caring if you are wrong or if you will mess up! you are never going to try anything knew if you get frozen in fear!

A thrilling time is in your immediate future.