Thursday, March 27, 2003

let me get this straight.

leslie is going to graduate from ucsd. she was also in orchestra.
she has a brother named keven, who piglet is going to sadies with. he goes to los al and is number 1.

jamie went to csuf and was mulan. she went to kung fu. she had a boyfriend named nick.
she has a brother daniel. she suggested piglet going to prom with him. not.

jonathan used to be piglet's neighbor. he lives in irvine. piglet will go to prom with him.

justin is 16. kung fu. has stepmom.

karen goes to ucla. kung fu. nice.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

geez louise, i wish my postings had some depth. it seems like this is just my outlet for what i've done. i'm sorry if this is boring. i wish i could entertain you more or inspire you to do something. sigh.

oh! but so cute, in the last two day, two friends approached me. they asked me if i was going to apply to be a student orientation leader for the next incoming freshman class. by the way, i really wanted to do that but i have to study abroad next year during that time. anyway, they told me that they were applying and in their application, they wrote about me. since i was one last year. awwwwwwww! i see. i do need some acknowledgement, but just no obvious, in-the-spotlight kind! and probably not too direct either.

i wish i wrote like coko. she is one good writer. and people square i can write. nope.

check out my social reality. well, actually you have been.

oh! but today at lunch, elizabethd was talking about how she wouldn't want to get drunk because then she wouldn't be "present" like she's been her entire life. so this evening, i went to a lecture and right before it started, a professor made a comment about being on spring break but making it back. i told jessicaw that that lecture was one of those times that i would rather be drunk and not present. well, not that i would rather be drunk. just that i would rather not be "present." sigh, i am weirdo.

the power of the heart stirs even the harshest hand.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

i'm trying to come to terms with what i want and what i have. it took stalled tears on a drive home to come to that realization. the larger the distance between the ideal and the real, the more the pain. so i just have to deal. and i need to stop complaining. haven't you heard enough from me? sigh... thanks for still coming, even though i barely post anything. bah!

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Your name of Uyen has given you the desire for the best that money can buy: good clothes and refined surroundings, all the finer things of life, although you might be inclined to get things through the influence of others rather than through hard work. You always strive to create a good impression. You are pleasant and diplomatic, and seem to sense how others feel. You could do well in public relations work. You have a good business sense, but tend to procrastinate and get involved with people who could interfere with your carrying your endeavours to a proper close. Although you have many good plans, can visualize their workings, and have the best of intentions, planning is often as far as you get. Difficulty in coming to important decisions and a degree of passivity do not allow you the concentration and application required to attain positions of responsibility. Your emotional nature at times does not allow you to be strictly impersonal in your relationships, and you experience entanglements that could prove awkward and embarrassing. This name could affect your health through the kidneys, lower back, female trouble, poor circulation, or over-stoutness.

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