Monday, June 29, 2009

Help a Buddhist Monk Brother Out.

Some of you may know that my oldest brother Thien has been following his spiritual path by traveling to Thailand and even ordaining as a monk. He has been torn between leaving his robes in Thailand or transitioning back to life in the states as a monk or a layperson. He ultimately hopes to continue to build his foundation in the forest monastery that he has been staying at in Thailand. However, there are many challenges, one of them being the ability to fund the logistics of traveling and staying in Thailand.

That's where you can come in. My mother and father have donated $100 USD each. His ticket is about $1230 along with the visa fee of $175. If you can and/or want to please, click the link and send any amount. Or the next time you see me, you could give me a donation. And I promise that I have no need to pocket his money: it would be horrible karma for me to take from my Monk brother! :)

Hope you are well!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the bell...

Last week I was having dinner with a friend and we found out we had both liked "Saved by the Bell." Well, there have been some interesting events happening!

Zack Morris!

If you want to help get the class back together, sign the petition!

Friday, June 05, 2009

* "becoming jane"
* "the princess bride"

i know i have a bunch of movies loaned out to me, but i haven't been feeling them.

i must tell you that "becoming jane" left me crying! i was supposed to only watch 30 minutes of it last night because i started it at midnight. but, alas, i could not stop! i was wrapped up in the story so much so that when it was finally over and i was finally in bed to sleep (around 2am), i continued to cry: i felt so much sadness. in the morning, when i could no longer sleep though my brain was exhausted, i plowed through some of the scenes while getting ready for work with more tears shed. it reminded me of reading "the time traveler's wife." very moving.

other than that, here's to my super weekend of rest. i like rest. a lot. i like downtime. it keeps me almost sane and serves as a buffer for the work week.

i must have been tired because when i took a shower this evening and rinsed my hair, i forgot to apply shower. that's never happened to me before!

does anyone listen to ben harper? i popped his album "welcome to the cruel world" into my car CD player earlier this week. and was swept off my feet. most of the tracks feel like lullabies to me, songs that make me feel relaxed before falling into a deep slumber. i am <3ing "the three of us" and "forever."


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