Sunday, May 24, 2009

for my viewing pleasure

people have always told me, "what?! you haven't seen that movie?!" with an appalled look on their faces. they've promised to make me lists of films that i should see. but one of my interns is taking it to a whole new level: bringing me different movies every week i see her.

latest movies i've seen:

  • ps: i love you
  • my life without me (repeat)
  • 27 dresses
  • dan in real life

    what to watch next:

  • the lazarus project
  • the promotion
  • linewatch

    ps: is anyone else shocked that they canceled "samantha who?" and "my name is earl"? :0

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  • sometimes love comes around

    welcome to my newest follower, mle! thank you for being the first!

    update: making the most out of what's going on. being positive. keeping myself healthy. maintaining my important relationships. creating. doing yoga. taking walks. eating at home more.

    learning to let go. interpreting dreams less as inner desires and more as key lessons to learn. forgiving. keeping my eyes on the future and staying present.

    i miss my brothers. my bff. my rocks. my friends scattered all over the country and world.

    hope everyone is well.

    and knocks you down

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