Sunday, July 06, 2003


my family has major issues. but trying to get to the heart of any of it is impossible because no one wants to talk, no one wants to hear anything bad about themselves, and five egos do not mesh well. hmph-able. quite.

its sunday afternoon. i want to go shopping. just because there is nothing else to do. and im bored. i wanted to play tennis. but it's warm outside and i have no tennis balls. no one is home. the sun is shining on my back and the wind is blowing on my arm. ive been quite lazy today. didn't roll out of bed until nearly 11 and i woke up at 9. haha.

getting into shape is going to take all of my efforts.

school starts tomorrow. and i feel like i should be getting ready. but i can't do anything or study anything. so i have no choice but to try to enjoy myself. ::sigh::

i started reading a packet that my outsourcing program sent me as a prep for mexico. and i feel way scared. but during the weekend, i met one of my brother's friends, liah, and she went to ecuador to study abroad after one semester of spanish. i have to pass the fact that i won't be speaking a language perfectly so i can focus on having fun and growing personally and academically. why? haha, still apprehensive. must go chill.