Friday, April 03, 2009

sun diego fun

last weekend, i went down with some friends (thank you, Lisa, Hong, and Rafa for the trek) to join doni to do some more birthday celebrations! the day included lunch at studio diner; hanging around mission beach; grocery shopping; watching "the incredible hulk" featuring my soon-to-be husband edward norton jr.; dancing and hanging out at a bar/lounge with special guest stars kelsey, carmen, and rosita; and trying to avoid getting sick! :) yay! here are some of group photos (they aren't daily but they are photos)!

squeezing everyone into the bathroom

squeezing all 5 of us in again

get down on it, uyen!

ps: i'm still celebrating my i was surprised with cupcakes by my tweens! :D

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help a sister out! and some young ladies!

if you have any money that you're willing to donate to young ladies ages 4.5 to 19 who live in orange county and who are in need of gender-specific programming to overcome the obstacles and challenges that women face in our culture today (science and math discrepancies compared to male counterparts, self-worth and value in the face of media-driven concepts of beauty, learning about what's important in order to avoid a first or second pregnancy, etc.), please visit the Girls Incorporated of Orange County's OC Marathon donation website. your money will help pay for supplies for programs, scholarships for young ladies whose families have a hard time paying dues, etc. anything would be appreciated!