Thursday, May 29, 2003

do you ever look at other people and their friends and feel lonely? or freakish? because you do not have that. or do you ever feel uncool? not good enough? because you are not within those other groups? i do that. i just did that. i looked at pictures of a friend and all of her friends. and i felt uncool. do i not deserve to have a cool group of friends?

but then again, i do not do groups well. do it? you should know. only 2 people look at this thing anyway.

it is pretty chill. the hours go by slowly at nighttime. today i heard a cd from the summer of 2001 and it made me think. a lot. it is hard to move on. i did not know it. but maybe if i do not think about it and just do it, then it will go by as quickly as my 2nd year of college. yikes.

i like hearing about things i have not heard, learning more about my friends. it makes me feel more connected.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

i do not consider myself an artist. i do not think i can ever be one until i am completely open and honest. there is no other way that i could connect to my audience. sigh. there is something vulnerable and connecting about truth. i saw it last night. i could feel it in the performance. i connected with the tears and the secrets and truthful revealing that was shared.