Sunday, February 18, 2007

chuc mung nam moi!

this year's lunar new year was crazy! i must have been cleaning for almost 36 hours, with errands outside of the house intermingled with like 5 loads of laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom and tub, and organizing. but worth it! my room feels clean! and not so cluttered!

last night for the big eve of the new year celebration, my parents and i hit up 2 temples. we returned home, i finished up my last load of laundry, and then received the coveted red envelopes from the parents. then today, we went to 5 more temples. i think that is the most i've visited in the past several years. though, it felt different without the brothers.

there were a lot of hip trendster kids wearing their white headbuds and overlydecked out moms trying to catch the attention of 14 year old boys. lots of stilettos and traditional ao dai dresses. lots of subdued men waiting to eat and get home.

good times. i wonder if the tet carnival is worth a trip this year...

Dead Jellyfish Invade Jacksonville Beaches


Saturday, February 10, 2007

do you remember elementary school days, on the eve of a new school year when anxieties were high and you couldn't sleep the night before? you laid in bed hoping that sleep would knock you out but you knew you were powerless to the questions of how your year will start?

last night, i fell asleep knowing that i might be overcome by my anxiousness for our fraternity's big/lil' event. it took me a while to fall asleep and when i did, i was interrupted by random thoughts of who would be in attendance and what the music on the dance floor would be like. but i got through the long day with my nervous excitement.

when i arrived at v20 and the drinks were flowing for everyone and the lights dimmed, it was time to do what i came for: dance. and after my first drink, the spinning never quite stopped. i scooted across the dance floor with my friends and family, grooving to new tunes and old tunes and taking care of those around me as i was watched over by my alpha and beta classes.

i arrived home sometime after 1ish and couldn't sleep till after 3 but i knew i should have drank more water. because i woke up at 6a. i'm not sure why. maybe there was a lot of potency in my drinks but i still feel a bit dizzy. and i'm trying to drink water now. but also, as i slept, i kept reliving the dancing and the prancing and the friendship and the love that i was surrounded by. i hope i'm not miserable when i wake up if i do ever fall asleep. but so worth it, so so worth it.

Monday, February 05, 2007

the path that i'm walking

erg. back at that unhappy place of uncertainty and the feeling that things will have to change soon. but i'm a little better off. i've done well since my last posting. exploration and experience lead to some confidence. and anyhow as i was told last night, i don't have to be confident of what i'm getting myself into; i have to just be there.

but there is no time like now, huh?

i miss you, brother. i hope you are well! good luck!
bubbason, i did receive your letter! i'm working on the return piece.
ellie, how is schooool? you're so strong!
jess- i know you have been. i feel so bad but i've been soo busy and i have a bad plan these days.
sammi- when were you a pirate? hehehe...
pili- are you frozen yet?
ann- please insert witty comments in next blog. i miss your words.
have fun with the senioritis, zee!

i must go alone