Wednesday, July 08, 2009

everyone dug so deeply and we were able to quickly raise the amount of money for my brother's plane ticket to thailand -- all of the $1367USD! my brother and our family are overwhelmed with joy and so blessed to have your support!

to: mindy, rafa, efrain, mari, emi, phu, hong, julio, linh, jesse, tim, anne, lisa, michelle, shaun -- thank you for the food, the company, and the support!

to heath, trang, khanh, nipun, zerlina, mimi, varisa, eunice, ngoclan & tri, emi, mom, david -- thank you for your contributions!

tan thien is now in thailand for the rains retreat, his first ever and in his home forest monastery. he is taking it day-by-day and will keep me up-to-date on his plans.

thank you again, everyone!!!