Monday, November 28, 2005

here we go

let's see. thanksgiving weekend went by slowly but surely. and i thoroughly enjoyed the days. thanks to hang out time with friends and family, excitement on the volleyball court as csulb took on pittsburg, tree buying and tree trimming with the boy, a be-lated but delicous thanksgiving dinner with mindy, some down time to read the 5th HP, some errand running here and there, and a visit to tom's farm for scrumptious nachos and satiating dole whip!

today was another prep day at work, going to our site and figuring out some logistics and inventory stuff. afterwards, i had lunch with my partner at costco as he continued to divulge details of his life to me. in our last few work days, we have realized that we have similar to taste in music and television shows! so, if the students are giving us a headache, we'll dive into our escape: saves the day and buffy the vampire slayer! tehehe.

i went over to my local community college today to clear up some registration stuff. now i await an appointment time so that i can sign up for a volleyball class and either conversational spanish or interpersonal communication.

one of the things i realized this past week was rather interesting. and i thought i'd share it here. no one will ever truly and fully understand me so i'll stop hoping that someone does. unfortunately a lot of the holes and voids that i have become things that i wish my significant other/romantic partner could provide for me. but we all know that it's not really that person's job to fix us or complete us. somewhere we have to come to terms with who we are, what we lack, and whether or not we are going to resolve it for ourselves. and as it has been my practice in the past to have crazy expectations like reading my mind and reading my cues, i have to let go or search elsewhere. but for now, i'll heed sheryl crow's lines and make the most out of what i have.

that's a wrap folks. let me know if you want something to comment on. it's not really working so i'll stop until someone says something.

here we go again

Saturday, November 26, 2005

the tooo tired crew

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

i long for the warmth of days gone by

okay, okay, i know i haven't been updating everyday anymore. i guess i jinxed myself when i said i had been. but "work" has been getting in the way and because it has, i have to squeeze in hanging out with family and friends during the remainder of the day, so that by the time i'm home, i don't want to be stuck in front of the computer before falling into a deep sleep. i mean, i haven't even been working out consistently anymore! ah! but i'm adjusting so hopefully, it'll be up and running smoothly again.

well the holidays are upon us and everyone's rushing to get things done or chilling victoriously. i'm somewhere in the middle. yay! balance!

by the way, training went well last week. this week i actually went out with the other after-school staff to visit all the sites. yesterday, my partner and i went out to our site and helped out with their Thanksgiving potluck and the students were cool. today was a little bit of preparation for next week's planning. our kickoff date for our after-school program is dec 5th. yikes. here we go...

in other news, i watched "walk the line" and it was good, even though i no nothing about johnny cash. i really liked reese in the movie and i looooved her lines!!! :D sort of tragic and depresing but with hope mixed in.

also, i'm currently on the 5th potter book but i'm sort of pacing myself now since there's not too many books or movies ahead of me. [sigh]

um, christmas is coming, huh? grrrreat... anyone know where i can find a black tabbed restaurant journal? heh, didn't think so. but if you do, pleeeeeeease let me know.

question: what are you grateful for this year?

but now those days are memories in time

Thursday, November 17, 2005

and you'll never know how good it feels to have all of my affection

sorry that it has taken me so long to update you all on what's going on, for those of you who care to know. today was my third day of training, second day of 830a-430p training. they have been inundating us with information about the orange county department of education to reporting child abuse to sexual health. phew! but it has been fun. everyone there is really funny and i've been laughing more so these past days than in all of october. we do those really corny but effective ice breakers and today i was called a "visionary" for seeing the bigger picture during one of the teamwork exercises. yay me! haha... and i got hit in the 3rd and final game of marshmallow dodgeball. yikes! those things hurt!

in other news, i finished the 4th HP book monday night. so i've just been waiting for tomorrow. i hope it's not sold out. [crosses fingers]

today's question for alumni: what's the thing you miss most about college?

and you'll never get a chance to experience my loving

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

take me with you

i got my blood test results back and i have high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. [sigh] so i have to change my diet. i guess it helps that i work out 5 days a week; maybe ill consider going everyday. but i still have to cut back on the fried goodies (wah)and the meals out at restaurants (wahh). oh well, better than dying of something related to high cholesterol levels.

in other news, i need to get my hands on the harry potter movies.

i start my job training next tuesday.

i miss swimming in the ocean.

come home soon.

today's question: what are some of your favorite all-time movies?

but all our fears fall on death ears tonight

Friday, November 04, 2005

dont you forget about us

i don't have a lot to say today, except that i am almost done with the 3rd HP book (will finish it off tonight before bed) and plan on starting the 4th one (OOOH) tomorrow. i know, what a geek, ey? well who said being a geek was bad? geeks are cool. geeks united!

i've been wondering about what's better: staying true to yourself and being depressed or keeping your peace and happiness but not getting what you want. maybe it depends on if you can live without having the thing you want at that exact moment... maybe it depends on how long you will be depressed? i think that maybe it depends on the person and what is more important to them. or maybe, it's like what sheryl crow says: "it's not having what you want; it's wanting what you've got." hrmm.

um, so totally unrelated (or is it??) is todays's question: what is your favorite possession and why?

i wanna soak up the sun

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

im just speaking from experience

to begin...

to ellie: congratulations on your license! you get to drive your car now! "it's the little miss lady from portland..."

to cassie: congratulations! you are now employed, like me! ahhhhh...working world, here we come!

to jessica: how was the interview?

in lighter news, i just finished the second harry potter book and am on my way in the third book. i must get my hands on the movies too. all before november 18th. sweet. something to keep me busy and distracted. why such the late start? i want to watch the next movie...

in funner news, my nails are a bright shade of red. and eat ice cream at baskin robbins on tuesdays because it's only a dollar a scoop.

in slightly heavier news, i went in for a blood test. just to make sure i don't have this bacterial infection and to see where my cholesterol level is. just so i can take precautions, you know.

i'm not a fan of this getting dark at 5pm thing. hmph.

so since i've been updating quite regularly lately, i wanted to start a daily question segment, see what y'all think. so post your thoughts on the comments section. if they aren't there by tomorrow, i'll get a new comment hosty thing.

today's question: do you believe in "the one" or people coming into your life at different points in your life?

nothing can compare...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

from my halloween weekend...that's my dad...

what if we could get together?

after my retreat from halloween, i have done little but am ready to get back to my life. i did realize that

(1) i missed drinking my 2 liters of water a day
(2) second hand smoke makes my throat sore
(3) if i have enough money, i have to have a swimming pool in my backyard
(4) when i'm bored, i like to go to the store
(5) i waste money at buffets because i don't eat very much
(6) apple juice is too sweet
(7) im lucky to have been able to attend college
(8) i like rose from "related" because i can relate to her awkwardness and cluelessness
(9) i like robes
(10) you don't have to say everything that's on your mind, especially if it may bring down a good time

yeah, so i guess i'm employed. at an afterschool program for an alternative education school. i start november 15th, with some training. please tell me how to put my foot down so that the high schoolers don't lock me out of my own classroom. as you can tell, i'm a bit nervous. but oh well, bring it!

maybe things will work out right