Friday, August 24, 2007

i need you so much closer

funny how moving away does two things: 1)the people who are being left behind realize "oh! i had a good thing" and 2)the person leaving realizes how good they had it.

t-minus 5 days.

what's left:
friday - 1)breakfast/beach with mitzi. 2)downtown disney with any of the kids.
saturday - 1)hang out with mom and dad. 2) dinner with hong. 3) kelsey's going away
sunday - 1)coffee with sareth. 2)dinner at orange hill.

in between all that, i need to finish putting away my room and packing my bags, send my brother's package, send a student's shirt to him, and take care of myself.

saw my students and staff for the last time yesterday at an angels' game. yeah, we didn't really talk to each other and i made that decision. to leave it as it is. to not get in because i'm out. one of my students wrote me a letter back and gave me a good luck dollar. aww.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

you should have asked me for it

update blog.

last couple of months have been LONG. rarely got any good sleep; too stressed. busy at work. tried to make the most out of everything. started learning tabs on the guitar. not too much good food; more junk food than ever because of bad sleep and stress.

moving to hawaii august 29th. finally starting to pack. finally over the drama that can't be remedied. for now. making the most out of my time. hanging out with everyone i can. body is now used to a few hours of sleep due to extra hours at work. my last day at work is tomorrow. and i have already cried from goodbyes. i will be sad to leave my students and the program. very much so.

ponderings: how the heck do you pack your life in two suitcases? maybe i should have saved up more money. i hope i can find a job soon. i wonder how i'll spend my days. i hope i can find a guitar for cheap.

how could i say no?