Saturday, November 25, 2006

morning came earlier than expected today and so i am back in bed.

the extended five-day weekend was something to be grateful for. although schools are not the easiest place to work, they always provide more days off than other areas of work.

wednesday saw my parents drive away to las vegas, as i decided to opt out and not wake up at 4am. i spent the day chilling at home organizing my music library. around 3, i met up with a friend for ice cream and an obligatory cruise through target, which was quite fun! then i put on my helmet and shoulder guards as i visited the grocery store for some ingredients for mashed potatoes and a salad. i came out without any major injuries, only to speed home to meet up with mijo for dinner at the inkan restaurant. afterwards, passing through shoe city for a few minutes, we went to newport volleyball. and for once, we all had nothing to worry about the next morning, so we played till 11:30pm instead of 10. despues de this, mijo and i went to sua to visit the homies who were all passed out. i ended up sleeping at 4am.

thursday morning, i received thanksgiving love starting at 9am and ran around to have lunch at marie callenders and to pick up some more trimmings for dinner. although my parents were out of town, i wasn't as broken or lonely as my friends thought i was, though i appreciated all the invites. i made mashed potatoes from scratch for the first time ever (thanks, Nancy) and was so tired at 5p that i went in for a nap till 7. then my brother and i went to his apartment, where we reheated and cooked the remainings and sat down to our feast of honey baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, corn bread, and a caesar salad. we had mc's apple pie but we had no room to eat it. at about 9p, we headed out for some boba and stood around loitering till about 11p. that night again, i slept at about 4a.

friday, i had no desire to do any sort of shopping. so i slept in till 11a and ate pizza for breakfast and listened to the radio and played on the computer. hehe. i was still exhausted so i took a nap from 5 till 7p, when I woke up to do some errands. at 9, i left to meet up with the bff and her bf and his bff and her bf at cha for tea, lb. good times, great times!

so here i am, wishing that i had woken up at 1p. but i am hungry. so ill jump out of bed, reheat the mashed potatoes, take a shower, get some practice on z's board, and then head out to enjoy a bbq at my brother's apt.

here's to a great rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

it's a different sort of week. things feel a lot different. it helps that my mom is out of town on a little retreat from my dad, making me more responsible for myself. things at work are weird with random drama. and in the back of my mind, i know i have to leave my job soon. when i say soon, i mean the next couple of months.

but where do i go? instead of wasting my efforts figuring out my life, lately, i've been trying to figure out my next step. i'm choosing between going back to school and just moving away for a bit. i know it's a better idea to get school out of the way. but i gotta find the right program. so hopefully, i'll dive into that soon.

other than that, i am still me. working to pay off bills and dine with friends. listening to music everywhere i go. downing my 2 liters of water a day. i've been trying to use my sketchbook again; it's been a while since i've written anything of substance or doodled anything. i guess i've been creatively dry. but i've been inspired so i hope i can awaken the creativity in me that has become dormant.