Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i dont know what to say anymore...

two fights two nights in a row with him doesnt make me feel good.

out of fear, i looked into the current state of israel and lebanon and my gut feeling is that things will not go well.

my chin is blowing up and one of my pimples oozed out so much blood that i felt queezy. jeez, the genetics on those things!

all im going to do is try to get enough sleep.

good night.

Friday, July 07, 2006

cuz i'm leaving on a jet plane

so i just returned from a trip to vegas with le-sa, mit-z, zer-le-na, and a bit of min-d. good times chilling and hanging out and enjoying our vacation away from work and school. now my summer break is winding down and i must force myself to keep an open mind towards returning to work with my students and the impending change of partners that will soon take place.

in other realms, i changed the jewelry in my cartilage piercing to implant grade so hopefully my ear won't be rejecting it. phew! it cost a grip, but at least it will help. i hope.

i keep shopping, especially at the outlets on the way home from vegas. eek! hmm...i guess i'm trying to collect classic/classy pieces for the day when i work a full-time job that doesn't have a silly t-shirt uniform. [sigh] we'll see what happens. because i also need casual, cover-up stuff for the current job. someone tell me i have enough. heheee...

i did decide to pick up some games to entertain myself when people are not around. i currently only like the simulation game and the shooter pilot game. great stuff. and i beat my first game! wooohooo! but the social schedule is a quite consistent. so i don't usually have to many moments of downtime. i have to force myself to remember that i have a dog to take care of (simulation game).

okay, i am off to shower and prepare for the day.

i don't know when i'll be back again