Sunday, April 15, 2007

listen to my story

to do:
  • watch...
    - disturbia
    - pan's labryinth
    - spiderman 3
    - the lookout
    - pirates of the caribbean 3
    - harry potter and the order of phoenix
    - ocean's thirteen
  • read...
    - charlie and the glass elevator
    - the miracle of mindfulness
    - true love
    - the last harry potter book
  • eat at...
    - tequila jack's on a tuesday
    - orochon
    - irie
    - eva's
  • go to...
    - disneyland for dole whip
    - skatepark
    - salt creek beach
  • get a massage
  • go to vegas with thebff
  • save money

    of a love gone wrong, so wrong
  • Sunday, April 08, 2007

    happy day!

    my cell phone is driving me crazy. and so are the other two that i keep switching between. the white sony ericsson one i had that was the main staple, before the display disappeared in february, recently came back into use because the motorola one just ends my phone calls when its screen starts blinking. but when i started reusing it, i wondered if something was just off about the display. so i had my brother tinkle with it to try to realign pieces. and you guessed right, it is now defunct and buried in the cell phone graveyard. =/ i think i need a new one soooon, even though i don't want to pay for one.

    what else? i've been majorly sweet tooth-ing lately. it's kinda weird. and most of it is a craving for chocolate. but when i eat the chocolate, the craving doesn't go away. it just lingers. it's been a week. and i'm starting to worry about my sugar intake. do i just go cold turkey? like i did years ago? boooo! but how do i fulfill that empty feeling that persists?

    i started my spring break helping my brother move stuff out of storage. i think it'll be a slow break. but that's cool. though i miss the fond memories of last year's spring break in vegas. kinda wish something fun was going on with the frat buddies. but maybe it's better this way.

    see you all later! enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    who's your panda? this kick-ass board is now in the possession of me. yes. you guessed it. thanks to miss northhollywood, i have been rolling down my driveway and parts of the road trying to get used to being on a skateboard. before you know it, i'll be doing manuals and shove-its and who knows what other goodness! thanks so much! this board rox my sox! and, it has a panda bear!

    Sunday, April 01, 2007

    it's been a crazy two weeks.

    i had a grand, spanking birthday week! i had a tiff with a close friend! i slept badly! i ate even worse! i started learning "i try" on the keyboard! i hung out with the bff before she left to go back to school! i had a duck encounter at work! i went shopping with violin and with my mom on two separate occasions! i watched "shooter"! i joined facebook!