Saturday, July 14, 2007

the older i get, the more i realize that i don't know everything. and that i'll never know everything. so i have to learn to go with the flow and suspend my need to control and know what's going to happen.

Friday, July 13, 2007

well, i am alive. just not at full potential these days. and that's okay. i've been sleeping a little better but it just depends on what's going on. my eating habits are terrible. i've been succumbing to cravings for grease and sodium: those burgers are going to do something to me, i know! and i'm all tied up in knots; it's giving me migraines and headaches.

other than that, life goes on.

Friday, July 06, 2007

i've been on break for thirteen days. and boy, has it gone by fast! in a few days, i go back to work, back to site, back to high school students. i'm not dreading it and i'm not looking forward to it. that's cool. i'll just make the most out of these last days.

what have i done? let's see. i hung out with family before we're separated for at least a year, ate at neil's (my favorite italian restaurant), attended a hollywood themed party, went to my backyard, went shopping on a few occasions with thebff at main place & westminster & cerritos mall, played volleyball and won our first game of the season in a new division, bought clothes for myself, watched "the wonder years," celebrated thebff's birthday, went to salt lake huh, drank cha, checked out a hip-hop class, skated in a parking lot, ate at parker's lighthouse, ate at noodle world, ate at sam woo's, watched "transformers," assembled furniture, cleaned my room, got a haircut, went shopping with my mom, cooked dinner for myself, and lounged around.

what's next? shopping or hanging out with a friend tomorrow day. watch "ratatouille" tomorrow night. eat at roscoe's early saturday. then eat at maggiano's saturday late afternoon. and go to magic mountain on sunday.

phew! i hope i'm still alive by the time i go back to work!

good night.