Sunday, May 21, 2006

good times. good times. old faces, new memories: what a blast! i've missed you guys but the time has helped me realized how amazing you all are!

friends together again

Sunday, May 14, 2006

you aint nothing but a hound dog

i feel like i jinx myself whenever i use the words "i/me" and "happy" in the same sentence. and then i remember why it's not so important to me to be happy. because to me happiness is made up of fleeting moments that last long enough to hurt you when they are gone. and besides, making yourself happy all the time is an exhausting job. why would you want to chase after and work so hard to make yourself think that your life is so great? life just happens, negative or positive, so you take whatever comes to you.

work has been rough, but my "hijos" are good kids. it's just the other ones that make me want to quit. so i just have to find some way of restricting them/guiding them back on track.

may sucks.

and what does it mean if someone texts you, "bye" when you haven't seen them that day?

crying all the time

Sunday, May 07, 2006

we can keep on dating

let's see.

i went to this cool place in santa ana called original mike's on april 21st after our students' talent show. although it's a bar and has live music often, the secret gem of the place is it's food. my ribs fell off the bone. mmm. yum.

i celebrated a friend's birthday on the 26th of april and went to this savvy little place in newport beach called le cave. it was alright. a darker and bigger steamers with more bar action. but too cavish. claustrophobics stay away.

i hung out with a friend i've known since 2nd grade on april 29th and we were catching up at super mex in fullerton. then we went to go support her friend who is a dj. he's pretty good but i don't know what his alias is. while there, i received a text message from theboy but couldn't really figure it out. when i did, it was super sweet and made me gush.

on the 30th, one of my friends from work came down and we went to get vietnamese dessert and appetizers. then we went back to my place to meet up with another friend and we made lasagna. theboy stopped by and started watching "harold and kumar go to white castle" with us for a bit before he left and the rest of us disbanded.

on may 1st, i hung out with a couple of people from sua. we went to d&b's and caught up with one another.

then on the 3rd, we met up again and added another friend. we ate at honda-ya in tustin and i had stewed beef and potatoes. mmm, how i miss kyoko's dish. but it was satisfying. then we went down to irvine to meet up with the 4th member of our party. three of us split some maui brownie ice cream from baskin robbins.

on may 4th, i had the best pad see ew i've ever had so far at phuket thai in long beach. yum.

theboy and i double dated on cinco de mayo. we had thai bbq for dinner and watched mission impossible 3. everything was cool. but i was just really stoked to hang out because i hadn't spent much time with him in a couple of weeks.

one of my brother's friends came down to visit on the 6th and we went thrift store shopping and found some cool items, including a couple of belts and a tee. then the two of us went over to my brother's place and had dinner there, followed with hours playing video games. me? yes. =D

today, the 7th, my family in orange county, my brother's gf, and the brother's friend from the previous day went out for dim sum at dragon phoenix restaurant. afterwards, the youngings went to the goldenwest swapmeet, where i found some cute socks and a one dollar a's baseball jersey. good finds.

here i am, listening to some music, feeling exhausted, but wanting to work out.

and keep on demonstrating my love