Sunday, March 27, 2005

what goes up must come down

notables in the past week:

1. chores: often unwanted and disliked, i have come to realize that they can be quite fun, especially if you do not have to do it alone. they don't have to be monotonous events that take you away from the "fun" things in life.

2. illness: how it slows you down, how your body tries to tell you that you need to take care of yourself more, how you get worse because you don't listen. and echinacea works alright. but for how long do you have to take it?

3. overdramatic: sometimes, people make things more serious than others believe it is. what are you supposed to do? let it slide...

4. when they need you: you try to help them. especially if you're part of the team. especially if you had a hand in creating a project.

5. new places rock: 2nd street in belmont shores is oh-so-enjoyable! i love the houses nearby too. and south bay galleria is so fun! so many families.

6. dress up: sometimes, just to switch things up, i like to dress someone up and let them dress me up! how interesting because i never would have tried that...

7. second chances: there are some things in life you've decided you don't like very much, but it may deserve a second chance. like a restaurant or a certain person. sometimes you just have to forget...and try again.

8. i have lovely friends: even if they try to get me drunk, or give me their hand-me-downs, or tell me crude stories, or force me to play cranium at 1 in the morning... =D they are loads of fun... i just love it they keep it real.

9. i missed family outings: so we had one on saturday. more than just food. we went back to the swapmeet together and with an extra friend. and we had fun and did eat, too much good food!

10. when you are in my inner circle: i believe in you because you have shown me that you are true to me. and true friends come a dime a dozen.

i believe in you because you're real

Saturday, March 19, 2005

happy 22nd birthday, joann!


in the past week,
i learned that you have to be flexible in travel as in life,
i took into consideration another person's wants,
i walked on the east coast,
i savored the history of grand central station,
i saw part of my future,
i believed in the boy,
i realized that you should call people when you leave them to let them know you have arrived safely in your new destination,
i ate different kinds of foods,
i experienced another university setting,
i heard myself saying that when you're scared you still need to get started,
i stopped in 4 states in one day,
i was mistaken as someone's twin,
i got to see another side of my bff,
and i was happy.


Friday, March 18, 2005

check it: trip's highlights

Thursday, March 17, 2005

its gotten later now

i am home in one piece, warm and at peace.

shout out to my A-crew. you KNOW!

i want to go home

Sunday, March 13, 2005

que sera sera

yo yo you. im currently blogging from zerlina's room in the olney house. we just had mediterranean wraps (falafel) where zerlina and i caught up on sla, and i spoke spanish to the shuttle driver, surprising the other passenger. lisa and i stood in the bathroom waiting for the brita to filter our water, while naming musical artists and song titles from a-z.

we also had a tour of the campus. i threw a snowball. snow fell on us at the q bus stop. lisa and i went on an hour busride to newport, where we caught the trolley to the cliff walk and 40 steps. the trolley driver was really nice, gave us free bus tickets, and dissed providence.

fun times. fun times.

hold me now

Friday, March 11, 2005

we rise and we fall

the occassional frustration, the tear-stained sweatshirt sleeves, the erratic driving -- yeah, it's all intense in the moment. but when i really think about it, its just apart of the ups and downs. and that's how life is gonna be. im not gonna regret it but im sure not going to let it blind me of the things in my life that keep me going. i may have silly thoughts of insecurity and giving up. but im not ready to give up songs that move me to tears, a friend who offers advice even though we havent had a chance to catch up, a friend who drives half way to meet up for dinner even when she's exhausted, a friend who walks with me when im choking back tears, a friend who stays on the line when im sniffing back pools of snot, the boy who can play the right song to encourage me while holding my hand, or late night food runs coupled with relationship talk. oh no, no no no. im too in love with them all. even if i dont always show it.

i love you

Saturday, March 05, 2005

is there anything worth looking for, worth loving for...

was it worth it when it was over?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

to my suitie, with love

happiest birthday to the sweetest of girls
ever to have come into this big, bad world
shining your light to soothe our troubles
if only there was another, another double
to help us make sense of the crazies of life
and insist that we keep trying, despite the strife

happiest birthday to the strongest of women--
i hope that the hardships continue to mend
and the joys blossom into living artifacts
to remind you of the life you've lived in tact

happiest birthday to the biggest of hearts
whose story is a blessed art.

happiest 22nd birthday to Elizabeth

i stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays

it's quite interesting to be with people who aren't like you. they show you sides of people and life that you'd never have thought of on your own. they move you past the shadows of your mind, or the prison that is your mind. and although it may be disorienting and upsetting, they have just as much value in your life as the people who share a heart like yours.

maybe im letting down my guard, maybe im around the "right" people, but im finding a brighter side. im sure saying that will cause some dip in my week (::knock on wood::) but it's all good cuz life is much richer when you have ups and downs. opposites complement and help you understand better. without sour, we would not appreciate sweet. without hot, we could not appreciate cold. you just have to find a way to remind yourself that it's all good.

"whatever, just let it slide."

say your love will never let you walk away