Tuesday, December 12, 2006

recently, i've been hanging out with my friends from work and i've noticed that a different side of me has been presented, one that is random and hyper and happy and fun. and i wondered, in the beginning, if it was really me because for years (all those of college), i was deep and introspective and random but hardly joyful or entertaining. i've asked myself, "am i just acting, pretending?" but i realized that it's just a different social self that i forgot i had, because, as i remembered, it was a social self that i saw when i was in high school.

fun times!

but the best, and i realized it yesterday, is that the most incredible people that i have to hold onto are those who i can be that deep and thoughtful person that most of you know me as along with the fun and happy and hyper me that is comfortable with myself and the people around me and the activity at hand.

thanks, charlie, for the sense of home and companionship that you bring to a room.
thanks, mijo, for your insight and patience.
thanks, pili, for talking to me in spanish.
thanks, mle, for the call.
thanks, ben, for making me feel safe and sharing good memories.
thanks, zee, for chatting with and calling me (sorry ive been unavailable).

i bid you adieu.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

i'm recovering from knots that were running rampant on my back, creating mountain ranges all over. why the knots? could it be that i need a new pillow? could it be that i'm stressed? i'm sure it's everything, but i have to try to stay putty for a little while longer. i'm in a bit of a monetary hole so i can't get help anytime soon.

otherwise, my brain's been a little frazzled and i'm learning how to juggle a lot of different things in life besides work for different classes. i'm having some trouble, and i'm sorry if you get affected by it. i will do my best but i am human. please forgive, kay?

happy feet is cuuute. but not as cute as who i saw it with. happy belated birthday, darling!

good night.